Football Season

With just a couple of weeks to go until the Super Bowl, fans are starting to root for their teams. While I am not a fan, I am a "football widow". My husband will be glued to the TV when the big day comes.
For those who want to get a head start on preparations for their tailgate party, check out our football snacks and treats. 

Looking forward to an exciting Half Time and commercials!
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Yeshiva Week

Many Jewish Orthodox schools have changed their winter vacation schedules from the mainstream X-mas to New Year time to a week in mid to late January.This updated vacation time allows families to avoid the non-Jewish holiday crush and remind their children of their Jewish heritage. It also makes vacation travel slightly easier; avoiding the huge masses of holiday travel at the end of the year. I am ambivalent about this new change. While I agree that we should not be celebrating non-Jewish holidays, unfortunately,  for working Jewish parents, it is harder to schedule child care while they are still working during the holidays. Those extra paid days off at the end of the year seem to be lost too. The parents are off while the kids are in school! T

I would love to hear what parents think about this new school calendar issue. By the way, my kids are all grown so its not an issue for me!
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Making Aliyah

For so many of us, the dream of living in Israel can be achieved. Aliyah from America is growing every year. With the current unrest in Europe, the numbers of people leaving their native countries and making new lives in Israel is exploding. And who does not have relatives living in Israel? Play a game of Jewish geography and you will find a connection to share.  Our Kosher gift baskets to be delivered in Israel offers you the opportunity to stay connected with friends and family that live on the other side of the world. It is the next best thing to being there! Order your kosher Israeli gift baskets here and have them delivered there! No need to ship overseas!! NOTE: All prices in this section INCLUDE delivery anywhere in Israel.  For prompt delivery, we require an ISRAELI Telephone # for all residential orders. Without a Phone #, you may have to pay additional delivery charges!!
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Welcome 2020

In the papers today everyone is commenting on 2020, having hindsight into what has already occurred. I prefer to look towards the future and what this new year will have in store for us.

As an Orthodox jew, I hope that the new year will bring safety, security and an end to the hate and antisemitism that has grown rampant recently. It is terrifying to read and watch the news with multiple stories of Jews being assaulted. beaten and murdered all over the world. It especially difficult to see these events occurring here in the United States, the country our parents and grandparents believed in so strongly and the place that has given us refuge.

Let us hope that this new year will bring a resounding refusal to allow this kind of racism and hatred to infect our great country.
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Happy Chanukah!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Chanukah or Hanukkah, whichever way you spell it!

I am sitting at home, wearing my lightest of long sleeve sweaters wondering what happened to the white Christmas everyone sings about. It is 57 degrees outside! The sun is out and the sky is blue! Am I in Florida? Nope; I am here in Chicago, worrying that the months of January and February will be payback time with below freezing temps and lots of snow. I guess we must all enjoy what we have and worry about what comes later....later!

I remember the year Chanukah fell on the same day as Thanksgiving. Today I was curious about how often Chanukah and Christmas collide. Notwithstanding the 8 days of Chanukah which would mean it happens very often, it is rarer for the first night of Chanukah to fall on Christmas Eve or day. According to, That only happens every 15 years or so!
You can read the article at Just an interesting piece of trivia!

Whatever day Chanukah actually falls on, it is a joyous celebration of our Jewish heritage!
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Winter in Chicago, Purim Gift

Boy is it cold outside! This has been a particularly cold winter in comparison to previous years. That may be the reason I paired our new Wicked Awesome Wickedly Caramelized K-cups with a cute coffee mug. From Florida to the West Coast, I have heard stories of ice cold weather and snow in places, like Las Vegas, that never see it! What a great idea for Purim Mishloach Manot! Send this Purim gift to your family and friends and they will feel warm and comfy! Check it out

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Saying goodbye to the holidays!

Sorry for the delay in posting! It  has been absolutely crazy for the last few weeks. Besides preparing for the holidays for my family, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and do not forget tasting, I have been baby proofing the house for the visit of my grandson. We are so excited to have him come for Sukkot! However, he is at that age where everything looks interesting, especially the glass vases on the bottom of the china cabinet! He is a smart kid; he will find things I didn’t even think about to do that are dangerous.

Surprising to me is the fact that our Sukkah is still standing. Every year we dutifully build it with the expectation that it will stand all 8 days. And every year we are disappointed when the weather batters it to the ground. This year we were able to eat every meal in the Sukkah except for the first night when we were hit with torrential downpours. I am going to keep my fingers crossed for next year!

Now the holidays are winding down and we can finally get a few minutes to reflect on the meaning of this holiday season. When I looked around my table and saw the people who mean the most to me, I realized that all the stress and annoyances of the year fade away when you can enjoy time with those you love.

May all your prayers come true!

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Hanukkah Celebrations

With just 2 weeks until Chanukah, I think about how different the holiday feels when it is not celebrated at the same time as Christmas. When Hanukkah and Christmas and Kwanzaa all fall together at the same time, Happy Holidays seems to be the generic greeting to all. We do not want to antagonize or make someone else feel ignored. That’s fine with me. I think recognizing every holiday for its culture is a great thing. It is a lesson in diversity that we should be teaching our children.

However, when the holidays are separated by many days, as it is this year, each holiday stands out on its own merit. When I am shopping for Chanukah gifts or foods, I am more likely to hear Happy Chanukah than Happy Holidays and I love that. I love that Chanukah is getting the recognition it deserves as a purely Jewish holiday. I enjoy answering question about the meaning of Chanukah and I feel that people are not so frenzied about their own holiday shopping that they can recognize the holidays of other groups.

I also must admit to enjoying the purely relaxing feel of the Christmas and New Year holidays where I am done with my own preparations and can relax on those national holiday  vacation days. While everyone else is scurrying around getting their last minute gifts and cooking their turkeys, I am thrilled not to have to be out in the stores trying to find a parking space.

That said, I still have to cook my own Hanukkah meals. Therefore I have included a link to some great Chanukah recipes. try some out!

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Thanksgiving and Veterans Day

We have alot to be thankful for at this time of year. We are thankful for the men and women who put their lives in danger every day for our safety and the security of our country. Without their bravery, America would not be the great country and beacon to the world that she is.

We are thankful for our wonderful and caring family and friends who we are lucky to have in our lives. Whether sitting and shmoozing around the dinner table or skyping across the miles, our loved ones give meaning to our lives.

My wish is that we carry in our hearts these feelings throughout the year and remember how much we have to be grateful for.

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Rosh Hashana 2017

As Rosh Hashana draws near, we all try to get a little closer to G-D. We look for ways to see G-D in our lives. Often, its hard to see. However, this year, I think we can all say that the wonders of Hashem are all around us.

First, and most spectacular, was the total eclipse. While I was not privileged to see the actual eclipse myself, the pictures on the news and in the papers are certainly awe inspiring. From friends and family who were lucky enough to be close by, the stories they tell not just of the majesty of the event, but also of the connections they made with people they met along their travels as they looked for a location to see it up close and personal. Total strangers conversing about life and the miracles of the world, without regard to religion, race, ethnicity or social standing. Everyone friendly and open and showing us the true depth of the American people, despite what chasms are reported in the papers.

We then move from the glory and beautiful eclipse to the horrendous devastation from both Hurricane Harvey and Irma. While we do  not know how bad the effects of Irma will be, the horror and crippling loss from Harvey give us an idea of the destruction that may follow in the wake of Irma. We only pray it will not be as bad as they are reporting.

But here too we see the hand of G-d. People from all over the country and in fact from all over the world are giving of themselves, their time and their money to help total strangers in need. The generosity of money and spirit prove to us all that people are good, no matter what their circumstances. this display of care and compassion for us is what defines us as Americans.

As we look forward to Rosh Hashana we should take these thoughts to heart and hope they make us better people in the end.

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Introducing Ahava Products from the Dead sea

We are very excited to announce that we are now carrying selection Ahava beauty products, imported from Israel!!We are offering Dead Sea Essentials by Ahava, Lavender hand cream, tea tree oil hand cream and Tea tree oil foot cream! These wonderful moisturizers are know for reliving cracked dry skin and hydrating skin for a soft and supple feel. Dermatologist tested and safe for sensitive skin these new lotions are just what you are looking for.Known for its healing properties, the Dead Sea provides minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, boron, that you skin thirsts for.

We also carry other Dead sea collection skin products such as Anti-Wrinkle creams and serums that do wonders for your skin. Log on and check out our new selection. Your skin will thank you.

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Summer time travel meals

We have been getting so many calls asking about our kosher shelf stable microwave meals. My Own Meals are available in 10 favors, Chicken and Noodles, Chicken and Black Beans, My Kind of Chicken, Chicken Mediterranean, Beef Stew, Old World Stew, Pasta with Garden Vegetables, Cheese Tortellini, Florentine Lasagna, and Vegetarian Stew. Several of these meals are gluten Free, and several others are Halal.

The meals are flying off the shelves, an indication that it is summer and vacations are in the works. Going out of the country and worried about finding kosher food? My Own Meals solves that problem. Going camping? My Own Meals are easy to pack and easy to heat. I know my son ate the meals often while in college. He liked not having to worry about getting to the caf before it closed or enjoying a late night snack while studying. I like it too; when the temperature is in the 90’s and I don’t feel like cooking, I can pop one in the microwave and let my husband decide what he wants for dinner.

We ship these meals all over the world. Just last week, a customer called and asked us to ship to Norway! they have a very long shelf life so there is no need to worry that they will go bad. Typically the expiration date is 18 months!

They are always in stock so log on and order yours today!

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Summertime and the season is Grilling!

First, I would like to apologize to our loyal fans for neglecting to post for such a long time. Things have been very hectic around here and I have pushed off doing lots of things, especially cleaning the house!

However, its time to get back to work even if its summertime. Tonight we are making a BBQ and offering our super green pickle relish to go with our hot dogs and hamburgers. I love the crunch and flavor and I know our guests are going to rave about the taste. Our sport peppers are also a hit, its one of the things my husband looks forward to. Making a BBQ is, to me, the easiest meal of the year. My husband does the grilling and all I have to do is make the salad. Add some fresh corn and and potatoes and you have dinner that everyone is excited about.

Making a BBQ keeps the heat out of the kitchen, another plus when its supposed to be in the 90’s.

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Cubs Win!!

I am taking time out from the usual grind in the office to send kudos to the best baseball team, the Chicago Cubs! The World Series was truly a nail biter for all of us lifelong fans! while it was difficult at times to watch, and I felt physically sick at times, the Cubs played like the true professionals they are and made us all proud!

Forr those of us who have been waiting decades, our patience has been rewarded!

Cubs win the World Series 2016

 Is it sacrilegious to say Next Year at the World Series?

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Pesach and Easter – Not together again!

This is Passover and Easter do not fall within days of each other. It is not that unusual, like Chanukah on Thanksgiving, (once in how many centuries?), but it still a bit disconcerting for me.

For years, our family got together for Pesach and looked forward to family time. One of the most enjoyable things we did was to leave the kids with the husbands and go shopping, just the girls and my mother. How we agonized about missing a day when all the stores were closed for Easter!

This year with Easter almost a month earlier than Pesach, it is not an issue. Besides the fact that Sunday is still Yontif, it is also not Easter. I am taking over my mother’s role; taking my daughter and daughter in law shopping on Chol Hamoed. I look forward to bonding with them both at Nordstroms!

The reason that Easter and Passover do not fall within days of each other has to do with the lunar calendar which is short by 11 days to the calendar with are all familiar with. that means that each year the Jewish holidays fall out at slightly different times. In order to make sure that we do not celebrate Succot in the spring and Pesach in the fall, we add a leap year month every 4 years. This year is that fourth year. Thanks goodness for google search; you check out the dates for all the Jewish holidays years in advance.

That being said, there are no differences in the amount of work, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc! I am sure that you are looking forward to relaxing as soon as the Dedarim are over just as much as I am!

Have a wonderful and peaceful Pesach from all of us at!

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Pesach is on the Way!

If you are like me, your inbox is rapidly filling up with emails reminding you about Passover, offering you great deals on holiday gifts, foods and religious items, asking you for charity, etc. We at, also send emails with discount codes, new product notifications and articles of interest about the holiday. Most of these emails get deleted; I am not so naive to think people open the massive amounts of mail that is often mostly spam.

But all kidding aside, Passover has become a Holiday not just about Freedom but about family. The seder has turned into a meal that not only commemorates the Exodus from Egypt, but reminds us of the value of family and unity. Parents travel to spend the holiday with their kids, Young adults, married or not, bounce between family to spend quality time with loved ones. Children practice their ma Nishtana to impress with grandparents and everyone talks about their Pesach plans weeks in advance. This year my sisters, their children and grandchild, along with my own will gather together to sped the first days of Pesach with my elderly father. What fantastic memories we will have to hold on to in years to come!

However, some of these emails are actually worthwhile! Who doesn’t want to save money on products you were going to buy anyway? I enjoy the cute jokes or comics that appear constantly on Facebook.

These memories are the reason why I will spend hours grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Did I say hours? I should have said days or weeks!! We all know how time consuming it is to prepare for Passover. But it will all be worth it in the end when we sit around the table and see the extended family together!

For those of you who are looking forward to the same valued time with loved ones, you can always log on to and bring some delicious treats to the table. I can assure you noone will complain!

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Chanukah traditions

Chanukah traditions

Lots of people equate the Jewish holiday of Chanukah with Christmas. Gifts are exchanged between family and friends for both holidays. It is not just a one day holiday, but a holiday season. For Christians, Christmas day may be considered the religious day to celebrate, but for several weeks leading up to the holiday and beyond, people enjoy the festive nature of the season. The holiday of Chanukah lasts for 8 days, with candle lighting, holiday foods, and joyful emotions.

To me, the traditions of family dinners and reconnecting with friends are what makes the two holidays so similar. Spending time with the important people in our lives is what brings meaning to our existence. Whether you sit at a table with 10 people or 40, it is the ability to have quality time with those people who you love that is so valued at this time of the year.

When you can not be there to celebrate the holiday with family and friends, is available to make your presence known. We have a huge selection of Chanukah gift baskets that remind people how much you care for them. No matter what price range you are looking for, Kosherbyte has a basket that will please your recipients. Because we create each basket from scratch, we can customize your gift to express your feelings at this time of year. Our Chanukah gift baskets all include Chanukah gelt, Chanukah cookies and other holiday themed items.

 We also specialize in corporate gifts that make a statement to your business associates and clients. Since all of our baskets are made with 100 % kosher products, you can rest assured that a gift from will be perfect for your Jewish customers. There is no need to worry that your recipients will not be able to enjoy everything in the gift you send.

Let us make your holiday gift giving easier. View our gift baskets online; you will find exactly what you are looking for!

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Celebrating a big birthday!

We all want to wake up the morning of our birthday to a breakfast in bed, a huge gift wrapped in a bow and an extravagant evening out on the town. When you can not provide the ultimate in birthday experiences, has the perfect gift you can have delivered right to their door. Receiving a gift for your birthday truly makes the day special. Bring a smile to someone’s face and send them a birthday gift basket from

The older we get, the harder it is to find the perfect gift for our friends, family and business associates. Not only do we want the gift to be perfect, but we also understand that there is a hidden meaning in every option we choose. We do not want the gift to look cheap, yet we also do not want to make the recipient uncomfortable with an expensive choice. Bottom line, our goal is to cross things off our list, not add extra chores to it. One of those chores is making sure that we acknowledge the special days of our families and friends. Whether it is an anniversary gift, thank you or graduation present, we want to give the best, yet we also want an easy and quick purchase experience.

Birthday gift baskets are one of our specialties. We create each basket individually, and include delicious and mouthwatering treats. But, we do not stop there. We recognize the big day with birthday chocolates, hard candies, birthday decorations and ribbons. As you open the box you can see the thought and care that we put into our birthday gift baskets. Your recipient will immediately appreciate your thoughtful present and know that they are a valued part of your life. We create baskets that make a statement. Beautifully wrapped, our baskets are the perfect expression of your thoughts and affection.

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What were we thinking?

What convinced us to jump in and open a business that is entirely online? We recognized the reality of the new business environment. The internet was the future of retail and we were fortunate enough to realize that if we wanted to succeed in this new endeavor, we needed to be visible to our customers. We needed an online presence.

What convinced us to jump in and open a business that is entirely online? We recognized the reality of the new business environment. The internet was the future of retail and we were fortunate enough to realize that if we wanted to succeed in this new endeavor, we needed to be visible to our customers. We needed an online presence.

We acknowledged our lack of familiarity with etail and called upon our expert on all things computers, our son!! At 14, he was fearless. We took him to interview web designers, had him listen to all the instructions. If he did not think his parents were idiots before, he certainly did after this experience.

Learning the computer aspect of the business took a lot of trial and error, but in the end, we think that has mastered the art of internet selling. We have a long list of repeat customers who value our customer service and enjoy our delicious kosher treats.

We offer a personal touch. is a big company with an intimate feel and individualized attention to our customer’s requests. Our baskets are all hand made and can be created to our buyer’s specifications.

Kosherbyte has worked hard to master the computer aspects of internet sales. We have come a long way from the days when we needed a 14 year old to translate computer jargon for us. One thing that has not changed is our commitment to provide the best kosher food on the web!

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to surprise my family and friends with unexpected gifts. If I come across a whimsical kitchen gadget, I am always tempted to pick it up for my daughter. I recently traipsed through three different bakeries to find the perfect babka for a friend. When browsing the children’s section at the book store, I must look for a new book about spiders.  I know my grandson will adore it and I love to see his face light up when I read it to him. Whatever the occasion, I agonize over my choice of gift. I want it to totally complement the recipient’s personality. I love to make people happy. If you are like me, then you also want to send the perfect gift. You want to know that your thoughtfulness is appreciated and your gift will be enjoyed. It is a time consuming proposition to search for that ideal present, whether you are shopping online or a bricks and mortar store. Shopping online can add extra stress to the process. Will the company deliver on their promises? Will the package arrive on time? Will the company stand behind its products?

These are issues you will never have to worry about when purchasing from Our goal is provide exceptional service, prompt delivery and a kosher gift basket that is guaranteed to please. Whether you are looking for a shiva or condolence basket, a gift for the new mother, holiday treats, or beauty products made with minerals from the Dead Sea, we carry a kosher gift basket in your price range. wants to make sure your gift giving experience is the best it can be.

And why stop there? Why not reward yourself with something delicious? Our black and white cookies are reminiscent of summer beach vacations. Flaky rugalach, made the old fashioned way, tastes just like Grandma used to make. We carry so many flavors of fruit preserves, it is impossible to choose only one.

 Our customers keep coming back, not only because they know they can trust us to deliver a quality product, but also because they have confidence that our products are all 100% kosher. All our products are certified kosher by the most stringent kosher authorities.


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Rosh Hashana: What is important to us at this time of year?

As the Jewish New Year quickly approaches, our thoughts turn to what is important in our lives. Our family, friends, and faith are at the forefront of our minds. We reevaluate our behavior throughout the past year and commit to improving in the next. We resolve to take steps to repair our relationship with G-D and those who we value the most. Rosh Hashana offers us the unique opportunity to reflect on where we have been and where we want to go in the future.

We look for ways to acknowledge how much we value the people in our lives. We want to show our appreciation to those who have supported us through thick and thin. We want to convey our love to family and close friends who have added meaning and joy to our lives. We want to share our hopes for a sweet New Year with those who are an integral part of making us happy. Jewish tradition offers the perfect way to express these feelings, with food. offers you the perfect way to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. Our Rosh Hashana baskets are filled with gourmet treats and pastries that are a superb complement to your holiday fare. We create beautiful baskets that are guaranteed to please. With jars of sweet honey, crunchy apple cookies, honey crunch snacks and other sweet Rosh Hashana goodies, our Rosh Hashana baskets will enhance anyone’s holiday table.

As one of the leading kosher gift basket companies on the Web, strives to provide exceptional value and worry free purchasing experience. We have gift baskets in every price point and for every occasion. Does the recipient have an allergy or special restrictions? Just let us know and we will be happy to build a personalized creation.

Do you want to send a gift to family or friends in Israel? We have an office in Jerusalem just for that purpose. With no international postage or customs charges, our delivery in Israel is very affordable and fast. Not only do we carry baskets for Rosh Hashana, Chanukah, Purim and Passover, we deliver lots of treats for students studying in Yeshiva or seminaries. Our shiva baskets are also very appropriate for those suffering a loss. Check out our site for delivery in Israel options.

We wish all our friends and customers a happy, healthy, and sweet New Year.

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Is it too early to order my Rosh Hashana gift baskets?

It seems like we were just cleaning off the BBQ and getting in the summer spirit; now it’s almost time to start cooking for Rosh Hashana. The summer has flown by without us realizing. If you are like me, the last thing you want to think about during these long hot days is cleaning, shoppping and cooking for Rosh Hashana or shlepping out the Succah.

Whether we want it or not, Rosh Hashana is right around the corner. Here at, we have placed our orders for new baskets, holiday cookies and candies, and sweet honey. The warehouse is getting full of boxes; I hope I will be able to find room to put everything away. I know its a short term problem, once the orders start rolling in, the merchandise will fly out the door.

This year Rosh Hashana begins on Sunday night, September 13, 2015. Every yontif day is a weekday, making it hard for working families to take care of the their jobs and careers along with the usual household chores that never seem to get off the list. While I look forward to having some relaxing time with the family, I know that so much must be compressed into a shortened work week. With out of town family joining us at the table, The shopping, preparing and cooking can seem overwhelming.

That’s where is such a great source to help with holiday gifts and family treats. From the comfort of your own home and any time day or night, we are available online to create and package exceptional gift baskets. Why not let us save you time and effort; let us send your holiday gifts for you while you take care of the other hundred items on your to do list!

It is definitely not too early to order your Rosh Hashana gift baskets! The earlier the better! You can be assured that we will not run out of the items you love and your packages will arrive right on time. No need to obsess over the timeline. We watch the calendar and make sure the gift basket arrives at the most appropriate time.

We offer so  many baskets in every price range it would be hard not to find the perfect item for you family, friends or business associates. Not finding what you like? Give us a call and we will fashion the gift basket of your dreams.

Perhaps you are not looking for a gift but instead, something just for yourself or your Yontif table? Our babka, ruggleach and cookies are so yummy it’s hard to keep my husband away from them. Dried fruit, nuts and smoked salmon are a healthy alternative for those watching sugar or calories. Just log on and I am sure that you will find something that brings a smile to your face and everyone else at the table.

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What are you cooking for the Nine Days?

Every year these 9 days between Rosh Chodesh and Tisha B'Av pose an interesting dilemma. What to cook for dinner that is Milchig, Dairy, yet nutritious and filling? Once I have made a pasta dish, fish and eggs, I am left trying to come up with an idea that is not monotonous and doesn't leave me checking the fridge for something more.

So I made pasta last night, tonight is tilapia and perhaps tomorrow will be stuffed potatoes. Then what? Check out our delicious shelf stable smoked salmon. A half pound box of salmon is a rare treat. No matter how hot is gets outside, you do not need to heat up the house with the oven on in order to prepare this tasty fish. Pair it with crackers, bagels or salad, and you can feed the family with ease.

Its also perfect for after the fast. You can start eating the minute the fast is over!

Not a fish kind of person? then try one of our 4 dairy or vegetarian meals, pasta with garden vegetables, cheese tortellini, vegetarian stew and florentine lasagna. Each shelf stable meal comes ready to microwave. Just 2 minutes and you have a hot meal in a cool house! 

Not quite what you are looking for? We have a huge selection of cookies, flavored pretzels, candies and nuts that will not melt in the heat, and add some fun to your day. While not all of our cookies and pretzels are listed on the site, just give us a call and we will tell you whats new and whats fresh!.

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Another Sweets and Snacks Show!

I can not believe it is already a year since the last Sweets and Snacks Show. I always look forward to the show. Not only is it full of delicious chocolates and candies that I love to snack on, but there are always new and interesting items on display. Each year I am amazed at the breadth of new items that are available, and the unusual flavors that are being offered for sale.

Athough i plan to return to the show tomorrow, I would like to tell you about some of the new trends in the industry. Bold and spicy flavors are hot, pun intended! Actually, hot, hotter and hottest! Apple, maple syrup, champagne, flavors have been introduced in all kinds of candy. Jelly Belly has Bubbly jelly beans; champagne flavored, and they are kosher!A

Trademarked characters from Frozen, Star Wars and other hit movies are being advertised all over the show. I do not even recognize all of them. There are pretzels now covered with yogurt and all kinds of fruit flavors, blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, mango to name just a few.  Combinations of flavors are also getting more creative;I found a blueberry and pomegranate nut crunch that was delicious.

Holiday items were also available. I was especially interested in chocolate dreidels for Hanukkah with no artificial ingredients! And heart shaped chocolates galore. I guess its never too early to start thinking of Valentines day!

Lots of new things for the health conscious too! 100 calorie packs of almonds and pistachios, lots of non GMO products and gluten free items are still very popular.

Some of the old favorites have gotten a new look. Liberty Orchards has new packaging and new dessert flavors in their candies. I did not recognize the Harry and David priducts; their boxes have gotten an overhaul and now have a premium look.Torie and Howard hard candies has come out with a new flavor of raspberry and lemon, yummy and low calorie!

After a day to rest my feet and my stomach, I plan to return to the show tomorrow to finalize my new orders and enjoy the fun. With Shavuot just days away, I know I will have some scrumptious samples to keep me happy while I enjoy the holiday!

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It's almost time for BBQ Season!

Finally! The weather has inched back to higher temperatures and the sun has come out. With all the work for Passover done, it is time to clean out the yard and the grill. To entice my husband to clean the grill, I bought rib eye steaks, for outdoor consumption only! I did not think a hot dog would do the trick. Once my kids heard that there were steaks in the house, it seems they like us again!

Of course we do not sell steak! However, our super green pickle relish and sport peppers are the perfect accompaniment to whatever you have on the grill! Top your hot dogs with relish or add it to your potato salad!. I add super green pickle relish to my tuna salad yearlong. Chop the sport peppers and layer them on to your hamburgers. There are hundreds of ways to use them. Don’t let the bright green color fool you….it is a true Chicago taste.

Summertime is also travel time! Are you planning a trip to a location that does not have much kosher food? Hiking in the national parks? Check out our shelf stable kosher meals. We have 10 choices of My Own Meals in meat, chicken, dairy and vegetarian flavors. They can be zapped in the microwave for 2 minutes or boiled on the stove; either way, you have a hearty meal that fits in your suitcase.

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Have you recovered from Pesach?

The Purim and Pesach rush took a toll on me. We were so busy with orders and preparations for the holidays, that getting to the Blog was difficult.

So we are back from visiting the kids on the East Coast, finally finished all the laundry, and unpacked the suitcases. On to the next job!

Despite it being cold here in Chicago, we have a new order for pickle relish and sport peppers coming in soon. When BBQ season starts, we want to be ready! It is time to clean off the grill, uncover the patio furniture and invite the family over for hot dogs and ribs. Make sure you have plenty of our Super Green Pickle Relish…it really is bright green. It is a Chicago tradition and favorite.

It is also almost Mothers Day. For those of you who are lucky enough to still have your mother’s in your lives, make her feel like a Queen. She deserves it. Send her a token of your appreciation with a gift from My favorite is the coffee break basket. Chocolates and  coffee together, my favorite things.

Whatever you decide to do, know that your Mom will be happy to hear from you. You know you can never do wrong in your Mother’s eyes.

Looking to the future, I look forward to the Sweets and Candy Expo coming up in May. Its exciting to see all the treats before anyone else.

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