Apples and Honey, makes me hungry!

With Rosh Hashana coming so early this year, its hard to be ready on time. I have been working so hard in the office, that I forgot that we need to eat on the holiday too! When will I cook? Who knows?


That is the catch 22 in a business like this. You want to be swamped with sales for each holiday, yet you still know that once the doors close and the Holiday begins, you still want to enjoy it with your family. Than means you have to be prepared in advance with a clean house, food for the table, clean clothes to wear and the mindset to say I will not fall asleep with my head in the soup!


We still have a few days…we will see how much I get done!

Rosh Hashana Baskets

Despite the fact that I have known for months that Rosh Hashana is incredibly early this year, I have not really come to terms with thinking of holidays so early in the summer. Are you the same? We know its coming and then one day you wake up and wonder why didnt I prepare a long time ago?

My excuse is that at, we only want to sell the freshest products. That means waiting until the last minute to get our merchandise. It also means that we are feverishly trying to get the baskets ready to send out on time. It is a fine line; sometimes we have baskets that are all ready to go and we are impatiently waiting for the cookies to arrive!

Rosh Hashana  Royal Basket                   Rosh Hashana Keepsake Box

That said, the honey has been delivered, along with the pistachios, honey apple crunch mix, flavored coffee, and caramel popcorn. I have started to put the Rosh Hashana baskets together, leaving them open till the cookies arrive. I am very excited about a couple of new products, green olives with sweet chilli, roasted garlic hummus and a spicy dragon mix snack!

I am thankful that my kids are not coming home for Rosh Hashana, but Succot instead. That gives me time to get the office business taken care of and then cook up a storm for them. Besides, I love using paper plates on Succot, and with so many extra people its a lifesaver!



Kosher travel meals, ready to go!!

It seems that the summer has flown by so quickly and there are only a few weeks left to have fun with the kids! Everyone is looking for something to do for those few weeks between camp and school. For those of you who are planning a trip, think about taking along shelf stable, ready to eat meals. My Own Meals are easy to pack, simple to heat (just 2 minutes in the microwave) and very tasty too. I should know, Michael eats them several times a week!

Why waste precious vacation time searching for a place to eat, or rearrange your schedule so you can get to a restaurant before they close? These meals will not take up much room in the suitcase and they have a shelf life of 2 years so you don’t have to worry they will expire quickly.

My Own Meals



Day two!!

I think its time to brush up on my grammar and spelling skills! It is day two of the new blog and I am still getting to know the ins and outs of blogging. Today I just want to wish everyone a wonderful Shabbat and a great weekend!

Welcome to our new blog!

Hi. has just launched our new blog and we are very excited! We invite you to check it out and leave any comments. We hope to post often with new ideas, recipes, kosher information and interesting thoughts.


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While everyone is on vacation, we are hard at work! Rosh Hashana is very early this year and we are searching for new items to interest you, our customers. I will keep you undated with the delicious new finds!