Making the baskets!

Can’t really spend too much time on the blog today. We are working on Chanukah baskets, trying to get as much done now in preparation for the onslaught this week. I just love the adorable dreidel cookies we are including this year!

We have lots of new baskets this year to reflect the new Chanukah products. Our Amazon store has many of these individual items like our Judaica Sprinkles ! Check it out!

Getting ready for Chanukah

I apologize. My intention was to give a list of the items I loved at Kosherfest. I wanted to share with you the great new products that will be available soon,and remind you of the wonderful flavors that are already out there. However, Chanukah has crept up on me and I will have to save that information for a later time. Don’t worry; I will get to it soon!


It has been all over the news that this year Chanukah is the earliest it has been since the government has been keeping records! It will not be this early again in our lifetimes. Knowing this information and acting on it are two different things! I have been aware of the date and even began creating new baskets since the end of October, but now that Chanukah is just weeks away, I am feeling the pressure to put all our holiday items in the baskets and have them ready to go.


I am sure it is the same for you. One day you wake up and find that you have run out of time to accomplish what you thought you had plenty of time for! That is the beauty of a company like ours. You can wait till the last minute and still know that a beautiful basket and lots of treats are just moments away from being delivered to your family and friends. We take the stress and effort out of your gift giving chores; you get the thanks and appreciation for a gift that everyone loves.


Check out our new Chanukah basket creations to find your perfect gift.