Do you love Hamentashen?

I am surrounded by Hammentashen! Boxes with multiple pounds of cookies to individually packaged cookies are all over the office! It takes alot of willpower to keep my fingers from tearing open those packages and sitting with my feet up with a cup of coffee in my hands. The one thing that is holding me back from doing just that is the fact that I have so many Purim baskets to put together.

Our  Hamentashen are on sale right now, at a price you will not believe. Click on the link and order your 2.75 pounds of crunchy hamentashen.

Hamentashen hand made

It is not just those fruit filled triangular cookies that are calling my name, but also the luscious chocolate hammentashen lollipops that make my mouth water. I don’t know if you had problems finding kosher Purim chocolates, but I certainly did. My usual supplier went out of business, at the very last minute. I was lucky enough to find someone new, just in the nick of time. I think the new lollipops are adorable, if small.

Purim starts on Wednesday night March 4, 201, which works out well for those of us who are looking forward to munching on the weekend. No baking that weekend, just enjoy your goodies and relax. After all, Pesach is just around the corner!


Are you ready for Purim 2015?

We are snowed in here in Chicago. Despite being a lifelong Midwesterner, I dont like driving in the snow, especially trying to parallel park! Despite the cold and snow, I am dutifully going to work. Purim is only a few weeks away and someone has to create the baskets. I wonder who?

Our new baskets arrived yesterday and I am very excited about our spring planters. Pictures will be uploaded to our site within the next few days. It lifts my spirits to look at the flowered pots and think spring, when there are 2 feet of snow outside.

Our Hammentashen are on order, the Purim chocolates are on their way, and the warehouse gets deliveries every day. The new baskets will be uploaded to the site in the next few days.

For those of you who are following Michael’s youtube posts, I have uploaded our most recent video about Purim. Feel free to tell him to get a haircut!