Are you ready for BBQ season?

Finally! The weather has inched back to higher temperatures and the sun has come out. With all the work for Passover done, it is time to clean out the yard and the grill. To entice my husband to clean the grill, I bought rib eye steaks, for outdoor consumption only! I did not think a hot dog would do the trick. Once my kids heard that there were steaks in the house, it seems they like us again!

Of course we do not sell steak! However, our super green pickle relish and sport peppers are the perfect accompaniment to whatever you have on the grill! Top your hot dogs with relish or add it to your potato salad!. I add super green pickle relish to my tuna salad yearlong. Chop the sport peppers and layer them on to your hamburgers. There are hundreds of ways to use them. Don’t let the bright green color fool you….it is a true Chicago taste.

Puckered Pickle Combo


Summertime is also travel time! Are you planning a trip to a location that does not have much kosher food? Hiking in the national parks? Check out our shelf stable kosher meals. We have 10 choices of My Own Meals in meat, chicken, dairy and vegetarian flavors. They can be zapped in the microwave for 2 minutes or boiled on the stove; either way, you have a hearty meal that fits in your suitcase.

Happy travels!

Have you recovered from Pesach?

Sorry for the long delay in posting. The Purim and Pesach rush took a toll on me. We were so busy with orders and preparations for the holidays, that getting to the Blog was difficult.

So we are back from visiting the kids on the East Coast, finally finished all the laundry, and unpacked the suitcases. On to the next job!

Despite it being cold here in Chicago, we have a new order for pickle relish and sport peppers coming in soon. When BBQ season starts, we want to be ready! It is time to clean off the grill, uncover the patio furniture and invite the family over for hot dogs and ribs. Make sure you have plenty of our Super Green Pickle Relish…it really is bright green. It is a Chicago tradition and favorite.

Puckered Pickle Combo

It is also almost Mothers Day. For those of you who are lucky enough to still have your mother’s in your lives, make her feel like a Queen. She deserves it. Send her a token of your appreciation with a gift from My favorite is the coffee break basket. Chocolates and  coffee together, my favorite things.

Coffee Please Basket

Whatever you decide to do, know that your Mom will be happy to hear from you. You know you can never do wrong in your Mother’s eyes.

Looking to the future, I look forward to the Sweets and Candy Expo coming up in May. Its exciting to see all the treats before anyone else.