Another Sweets and Snacks Show!

I can not believe it is already a year since the last Sweets and Snacks Show. I always look forward to the show. Not only is it full of delicious chocolates and candies that I love to snack on, but there are always new and interesting items on display. Each year I am amazed at the breadth of new items that are available, and the unusual flavors that are being offered for sale.

Although i plan to return to the show tomorrow, I would like to tell you about some of the new trends in the industry. Bold and spicy flavors are hot, pun intended! Actually, hot, hotter and hottest! Apple, maple syrup, champagne, flavors have been introduced in all kinds of candy. Jelly Belly has Bubbly jelly beans; champagne flavored, and they are kosher!

Trademarked characters from Frozen, Star Wars and other hit movies are being advertised all over the show. I do not even recognize all of them. There are pretzels now covered with yogurt and all kinds of fruit flavors, blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, mango to name just a few.  Combinations of flavors are also getting more creative;I found a blueberry and pomegranate nut crunch that was delicious.

Holiday items were also available. I was especially interested in chocolate dreidels for Hanukkah with no artificial ingredients! And heart shaped chocolates galore. I guess its never too early to start thinking of Valentines day!

Lots of new things for the health conscious too! 100 calorie packs of almonds and pistachios, lots of non GMO products and gluten free items are still very popluar.

Some of the old favorites have gotten a new look. Liberty Orchards has new packaging and new dessert flavors in their candies. I did not recognize the Harry and David priducts; their boxes have gotten an overhaul and now have a premium look.Torie and Howard hard candies has come out with a new flavor of raspberry and lemon, yummy and low calorie!

After a day to rest my feet and my stomach, I plan to return to the show tomorrow to finalize my new orders and enjoy the fun. With Shavuot just days away, I know I will have some scrumptious samples to keep me happy while I enjoy the holiday!