What were we thinking?

When we decided to open Kosherbyte.com back in 2002, we knew very little about the internet. We were your typical middle aged couple who knew how to turn on their computer, read their email and surf the web. I bought airplane tickets online and my husband ordered books from Amazon, but that was the extent of our knowledge. Ask us about the behind the scenes details involved in programming and you would get blank stares. We knew the basics and that was about it!

What convinced us to jump in and open a business that is entirely online? We recognized the reality of the new business environment. The internet was the future of retail and we were fortunate enough to realize that if we wanted to succeed in this new endeavor, we needed to be visible to our customers. We needed an online presence.

We acknowledged our lack of familiarity with etail and called upon our expert on all things computers, our son!! At 14, he was fearless. We took him to interview web designers, had him listen to all the instructions. If he did not think his parents were idiots before, he certainly did after this experience.

Learning the computer aspect of the business took a lot of trial and error, but in the end, we think that Kosherbyte.com has mastered the art of internet selling. We have a long list of repeat customers who value our customer service and enjoy our delicious kosher treats.

Not only do we offer unusual and tasty kosher cookies, pastries and gourmet food items, we have a large selection of kosher gift baskets for any occasion.

We offer a personal touch. Kosherbyte.com is a big company with an intimate feel and individualized attention to our customer’s requests. Our baskets are all hand made and can be created to our buyer’s specifications.

Kosherbyte has worked hard to master the computer aspects of internet sales. We have come a long way from the days when we needed a 14 year old to translate computer jargon for us. One thing that has not changed is our commitment to provide the best kosher food on the web!

Are you looking for the perfect gift?

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to surprise my family and friends with unexpected gifts. If I come across a whimsical kitchen gadget, I am always tempted to pick it up for my daughter. I recently traipsed through three different bakeries to find the perfect babka for a friend. When browsing the children’s section at the book store, I must look for a new book about spiders.  I know my grandson will adore it and I love to see his face light up when I read it to him. Whatever the occasion, I agonize over my choice of gift. I want it to totally complement the recipient’s personality. I love to make people happy.


If you are like me, then you also want to send the perfect gift. You want to know that your thoughtfulness is appreciated and your gift will be enjoyed. It is a time consuming proposition to search for that ideal present, whether you are shopping online or a bricks and mortar store. Shopping online can add extra stress to the process. Will the company deliver on their promises? Will the package arrive on time? Will the company stand behind its products?


These are issues you will never have to worry about when purchasing from Kosherbyte.com. Our goal is provide exceptional service, prompt delivery and a kosher gift basket that is guaranteed to please. Whether you are looking for a shiva or condolence basket, a gift for the new mother, holiday treats, or beauty products made with minerals from the Dead Sea, we carry a kosher gift basket in your price range. Kosherbyte.com wants to make sure your gift giving experience is the best it can be.


And why stop there? Why not reward yourself with something delicious? Our black and white cookies are reminiscent of summer beach vacations. Flaky rugalach, made the old fashioned way, tastes just like Grandma used to make. We carry so many flavors of fruit preserves, it is impossible to choose only one.


Our customers keep coming back, not only because they know they can trust us to deliver a quality product, but also because they have confidence that our products are all 100% kosher. All our products are certified kosher by the most stringent kosher authorities.


We invite you to browse our site, read our blog, watch Michael on YouTube and call us. We encourage you to send us your suggestions and requests. If it’s kosher and it’s out there, we will find it for you!