Home from Kosherfest

Sorry for the long delay. Boy have I been busy. We were wildly inundated with order for Rosh Hashana and once we finally got all the paperwork squared away, it was time to get ready for Kosherfest.

Had a blast. I loved the chocolates in the shape of Hammentashen. How hilarious is that!! The Chanukah coins, touted as adult gelt, was also a hit. New for Passover, carrot cake flavored macaroons. I had hoped to find some new cookie manufacturers, but did not. Reismans came out with a new kind of chocolate chip cookie, with a thin layer of filling! My only regret, not enough coffee to go with all the cakes and pastries!

As always, I love the black and white cookies, Black and White Cookieshttps://www.kosherbyte.com/kosher-gift-baskets/pc/Black-White-Cookies-6-29p382.htm


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