Dreidels, menorahs, latkes, oh my!

With Thanksgiving just a few leftovers away, its time to start working on Chanukah. The warehouse is filling up with all the new merchandise, seasoned smoked salmon, flavored popcorn, caramels, Menorah cookies, to name just a few. We are excited about our new finds at both Kosherfest and the PLMA show.

Our Chanukah chocolates are Pareve this year and we also ordered alot of other new pareve chocolates. We are trying to be more inclusive, with some new Gluten Free products, like our Lovely caramels too. We have a whole new collection of Lindt chocolates that are Kof-K Dairy. Marich chocolate covered blueberries are on the way too! The hardest thing about this job is making sure I dont eat all the product!

Kosherbyte.com is working hard to get organized too. We just replaced our computer system and updated our programming. So give us a break as we learn to use Windows 8! .

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