Rosh Hashana Baskets

Despite the fact that I have known for months that Rosh Hashana is incredibly early this year, I have not really come to terms with thinking of holidays so early in the summer. Are you the same? We know its coming and then one day you wake up and wonder why didnt I prepare a long time ago?

My excuse is that at, we only want to sell the freshest products. That means waiting until the last minute to get our merchandise. It also means that we are feverishly trying to get the baskets ready to send out on time. It is a fine line; sometimes we have baskets that are all ready to go and we are impatiently waiting for the cookies to arrive!

Rosh Hashana  Royal Basket                   Rosh Hashana Keepsake Box

That said, the honey has been delivered, along with the pistachios, honey apple crunch mix, flavored coffee, and caramel popcorn. I have started to put the Rosh Hashana baskets together, leaving them open till the cookies arrive. I am very excited about a couple of new products, green olives with sweet chilli, roasted garlic hummus and a spicy dragon mix snack!

I am thankful that my kids are not coming home for Rosh Hashana, but Succot instead. That gives me time to get the office business taken care of and then cook up a storm for them. Besides, I love using paper plates on Succot, and with so many extra people its a lifesaver!



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