Is it too early to order my Rosh Hashana gift baskets?

It seems like we were just cleaning off the BBQ and getting in the summer spirit; now it’s almost time to start cooking for Rosh Hashana. The summer has flown by without us realizing. If you are like me, the last thing you want to think about during these long hot days is cleaning, shoppping and cooking for Rosh Hashana or shlepping out the Succah.

Whether we want it or not, Rosh Hashana is right around the corner. Here at, we have placed our orders for new baskets, holiday cookies and candies, and sweet honey. The warehouse is getting full of boxes; I hope I will be able to find room to put everything away. I know its a short term problem, once the orders start rolling in, the merchandise will fly out the door.

this year Rosh Hashana begins on Sunday night, September 13, 2015. Every yontif day is a weekday, making it hard for working families to take care of the their jobs and careers along with the usual household chores that never seem to get off the list. While I look forward to having some relaxing time with the family, I know that so much must be compressed into a shortened work week. With out of town family joining us at the table, The shopping, preparing and cooking can seem overwhelming.

That’s where is such a great source to help with holiday gifts and family treats. From the comfort of your own home and any time day or night, we are available online to create and package exceptional gift baskets. Why not let us save you time and effort; let us send your holiday gifts for you while you take care of the other hundred items on your to do list!

It is definitely not too early to order your Rosh Hashana gift baskets! The earlier the better! You can be assured that we will not run out of the items you love and your packages will arrive right on time. No need to obcess over the timeline. We watch the calendar and make sure the gift basket arrives at the most appropriate time.

We offer so  many baskets in every price range it would be hard not to find the perfect item for you family, friends or business associates. Not finding what you like? Give us a call and we will fashion the gift basket of your dreams.

Perhaps you are not looking for a gift but instead, something just for yourself or your Yontif table? Our babka, ruggleach and cookies are so yummy it’s hard to keep my husband away from them. Dried fruit, nuts and smoked salmon are a healthy alternative for those watching sugar or calories. Just log on and I am sure that you will find something that brings a smile to your face and everyone else at the table.

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