Chanukah traditions

Lots of people equate the Jewish holiday of Chanukah with Christmas. Gifts are exchanged between family and friends for both holidays. It is not just a one day holiday, but a holiday season. For Christians, Christmas day may be considered the religious day to celebrate, but for several weeks leading up to the holiday and beyond, people enjoy the festive nature of the season. The holiday of Chanukah lasts for 8 days, with candle lighting, holiday foods, and joyful emotions.


To me, the traditions of family dinners and reconnecting with friends are what makes the two holidays so similar. Spending time with the important people in our lives is what brings meaning to our existence. Whether you sit at a table with 10 people or 40, it is the ability to have quality time with those people who you love that is so valued at this time of the year.


Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to spend the holidays with their family and friends. There are many reasons that people are unable to enjoy this camaraderie. Some people may have just moved to start a new job or new school. Others may have work schedules that do not allow them the take the time off or provide enough funds to pay for travel expenses. Family dynamics and non traditional living arrangements may make coordinating the traditional holiday meal difficult.


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