Pesach and Easter – Not together again!

This is Passover and Easter do not fall within days of each other. It is not that unusual, like Chanukah on Thanksgiving, (once in how many centuries?), but it still a bit disconcerting for me.

For years, our family got together for Pesach and looked forward to family time. One of the most enjoyable things we did was to leave the kids with the husbands and go shopping, just the girls and my mother. How we agonized about missing a day when all the stores were closed for Easter!

This year with Easter almost a month earlier than Pesach, it is not an issue. Besides the fact that Sunday is still Yontif, it is also not Easter. I am taking over my mother’s role; taking my daughter and daughter in law shopping on Chol Hamoed. I look forward to bonding with them both at Nordstroms!

The reason that Easter and Passover do not fall within days of each other has to do with the lunar calendar which is short by 11 days to the calendar with are all familiar with. that means that each year the Jewish holidays fall out at slightly different times. In order to make sure that we do not celebrate Succot in the spring and Pesach in the fall, we add a leap year month every 4 years. This year is that fourth year. Thanks goodness for google search; you check out the dates for all the Jewish holidays years in advance.

That being said, there are no differences in the amount of work, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc! I am sure that you are looking forward to relaxing as soon as the Dedarim are over just as much as I am!

Have a wonderful and peaceful Pesach from all of us at!passover-dessert-planterpassover-bartons-kisses

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