Rosh Chodesh Av and the Nine Days

With Rosh Chodesh Av tomorrow its hard to decide what to think about how this day fits in to our idea of Rosh Chodesh and its joyful inspiration. The following article offers some insights to the day. Interesting reading.

Rosh Chodesh Av: What Do We Do?

This year the Nine days may start on Friday but the reality of only eating dairy does not really come into play until Saturday night. For all you meat and potatoes fans, its a welcome relief from all that cheese! I have stocked the fridge with lox and salmon, a refreshing change from mac and cheese and a cool choice during these hot days of August. The seasoned smoked salmon we offer is a delicious choice; so easy to serve with no need to turn on the oven and heat up the house.

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Seasoned Smoked Salmon

If all else fails, bring out the ice cream tub and enjoy the guilt free treat. After all, in just a few days you will fast it all off!



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