Summertime and the season is grilling

First, I would like to apologize to our loyal fans for neglecting to post for such a long time. Things have been very hectic around here and I have pushed off doing lots of things, especially cleaning the house!

However, its time to get back to work even if its summertime. Tonight we are making a BBQ and offering our super green pickle relish to go with our hot dogs and hamburgers. I love the crunch and flavor and I know our guests are going to rave about the taste. Our sport peppers are also a hit, its one of the things my husband looks forward to. Making a BBQ is, to me, the easiest meal of the year. My husband does the grilling and all I have to do is make the salad. Add some fresh corn and potatoes and you have dinner that everyone is excited about.

Making a BBQ keeps the heat out of the kitchen, another plus when its supposed to be in the 90’s.

                                              Sport Peppers

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