We have been getting so many calls asking about our kosher shelf stable microwave meals. My Own Meals are available in 10 favors, Chicken and Noodles, Chicken and Black Beans, My Kind of Chicken, Chicken Mediterranean, Beef Stew, Old World Stew, Pasta with Garden Vegetables, Cheese Tortellini, Florentine Lasagna, and Vegetarian Stew. Several of these meals are gluten Free, and several others are Halal.

The meals are flying off the shelves, an indication that it is summer and vacations are in the works. Going out of the country and worried about finding kosher food? My Own Meals solves that problem. Going camping? My Own Meals are easy to pack and easy to heat. I know my son ate the meals often while in college. He liked not having to worry about getting to the caf before it closed or enjoying a late night snack while studying. I like it too; when the temperature is in the 90’s and I don’t feel like cooking, I can pop one in the microwave and let my husband decide what he wants for dinner.


We ship these meals all over the world. Just last week, a customer called and asked us to ship to Norway! they have a very long shelf life so there is no need to worry that they will go bad. Typically the expiration date is 18 months!

They are always in stock so log on and order yours today!

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