Hanukkah Celebrations

With just 2 weeks until Chanukah, I think about how different the holiday feels when it is not celebrated at the same time as Christmas. When Hanukkah and Christmas and Kwanzaa all fall together at the same time, Happy Holidays seems to be the generic greeting to all. We do not want to antagonize or make someone else feel ignored. That’s fine with me. I think recognizing every holiday for its culture is a great thing. It is a lesson in diversity that we should be teaching our children.

However, when the holidays are separated by many days, as it is this year, each holiday stands out on its own merit. When I am shopping for Chanukah gifts or foods, I am more likely to hear Happy Chanukah than Happy Holidays and I love that. I love that Chanukah is getting the recognition it deserves as a purely Jewish holiday. I enjoy answering question about the meaning of Chanukah and I feel that people are not so frenzied about their own holiday shopping that they can recognize the holidays of other groups.

I also must admit to enjoying the purely relaxing feel of the Christmas and New Year holidays where I am done with my own preparations and can relax on those national holiday  vacation days. While everyone else is scurrying around getting their last minute gifts and cooking their turkeys, I am thrilled not to have to be out in the stores trying to find a parking space.

That said, I still have to cook my own Hanukkah meals. Therefore I have included a link to some great Chanukah recipes. try some out!


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