After the Holidays!

The holidays are over, the kitchen is finally clean, the linens have been changed and the summer clothes are in the process of being stored for the winter. I look outside and see that the sky is overcast; the temperature is down to 50. I guess Fall is really here. Do not get me wrong; I like the changes of the seasons. It just takes a little getting used to. I still have my short sleeved shirts in the closet. I need to find the time to switch them out for the sweaters.

While Orthodox Jews do not celebrate Halloween, I do love candy corn. For the longest time, it was almost impossible to find a kosher variety. Thank Goodness Jelly Belly makes one that is delicious. Since we do not make a big deal out of Halloween, we call our seasonal baskets, Fall Baskets. Our Nature Gift Basket has all the colors of the season and the flavors that go with it, apple, maple, etc.,

Nature Gift Basket

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