Have you recovered from Pesach?

Sorry for the long delay in posting. The Purim and Pesach rush took a toll on me. We were so busy with orders and preparations for the holidays, that getting to the Blog was difficult.

So we are back from visiting the kids on the East Coast, finally finished all the laundry, and unpacked the suitcases. On to the next job!

Despite it being cold here in Chicago, we have a new order for pickle relish and sport peppers coming in soon. When BBQ season starts, we want to be ready! It is time to clean off the grill, uncover the patio furniture and invite the family over for hot dogs and ribs. Make sure you have plenty of our Super Green Pickle Relish…it really is bright green. It is a Chicago tradition and favorite.

Puckered Pickle Combo


It is also almost Mothers Day. For those of you who are lucky enough to still have your mother’s in your lives, make her feel like a Queen. She deserves it. Send her a token of your appreciation with a gift from Kosherbyte.com. My favorite is the coffee break basket. Chocolates and  coffee together, my favorite things.

Coffee Please Basket


Whatever you decide to do, know that your Mom will be happy to hear from you. You know you can never do wrong in your Mother’s eyes.

Looking to the future, I look forward to the Sweets and Candy Expo coming up in May. Its exciting to see all the treats before anyone else.

Purim is over, can Pesach be far away?

Its hard to believe that Purim has come and gone. It seems like I was just arranging the Mishloach Manot baskets and now I have to switch gears and start thinking Pesach.

Walking through the grocery store on Friday, after finally getting all the Purim baskets out the door, I found that the Passover shelves are now full of products. I needed something chometz and couldn’t find it until an employee directed me to the temporary area for non Passover food.

What is even more crazy is the fact that some of the shelves of Passover food has already sold out! Who needs these products a month in advance? I hope that when I finally recover from all the Purim work, there will still be Passover items to buy!

That being said, I am excited to see what new products are being offered this year. In a few days, I will give you a list of the yummy chocolates and cookies that we are going to be offering. I just need a vacation first!


Do you love Hamentashen?

I am surrounded by Hammentashen! Boxes with multiple pounds of cookies to individually packaged cookies are all over the office! It takes alot of willpower to keep my fingers from tearing open those packages and sitting with my feet up with a cup of coffee in my hands. The one thing that is holding me back from doing just that is the fact that I have so many Purim baskets to put together.

Our  Hamentashen are on sale right now, at a price you will not believe. Click on the link and order your 2.75 pounds of crunchy hamentashen.

Hamentashen hand made

It is not just those fruit filled triangular cookies that are calling my name, but also the luscious chocolate hammentashen lollipops that make my mouth water. I don’t know if you had problems finding kosher Purim chocolates, but I certainly did. My usual supplier went out of business, at the very last minute. I was lucky enough to find someone new, just in the nick of time. I think the new lollipops are adorable, if small.

Purim starts on Wednesday night March 4, 201, which works out well for those of us who are looking forward to munching on the weekend. No baking that weekend, just enjoy your Kosherbyte.com goodies and relax. After all, Pesach is just around the corner!


Are you ready for Purim 2015?

We are snowed in here in Chicago. Despite being a lifelong Midwesterner, I dont like driving in the snow, especially trying to parallel park! Despite the cold and snow, I am dutifully going to work. Purim is only a few weeks away and someone has to create the baskets. I wonder who?

Our new baskets arrived yesterday and I am very excited about our spring planters. Pictures will be uploaded to our site within the next few days. It lifts my spirits to look at the flowered pots and think spring, when there are 2 feet of snow outside.

Our Hammentashen are on order, the Purim chocolates are on their way, and the warehouse gets deliveries every day. The new baskets will be uploaded to the site in the next few days.

For those of you who are following Michael’s youtube posts, I have uploaded our most recent video about Purim. Feel free to tell him to get a haircut!



Superbowl Sunday

I am not a big fan of football. My husband is. This time of year, its a struggle to see who gets control of the remote! I am so looking forward to Superbowl Sunday for this madness to end! And yes, I know; there will just be a different sport that must be watched. Kosherbyte.com has some great products for superbowl parties like our Super Green Pickle relish, Black and White Cookies, to name just a few!

Valentines day is also coming up and we have some romantic gifts for that special someone. Whether you are looking for just a small token or a large basket, we have all the goodies that say I love you. Valentines Day gifts are just some of the beautiful baskets we carry. Check them out!

Out with the old, In with the new!

Another year come and almost gone. It seems like I have just finally gotten used to writing 2014 on my checks; Yes I still do write a few checks despite all the online banking one can do! As we look forward to the coming year, we pray for peace in Israel and an end to all the antisemitism that is rampant all over the world. It is hard to believe people have become so intolerant despite all the advances that have been made since the early sixties. This is not the world that we want to leave for our children.

Let us hope for a better New Year, with a safe and secure Israel, a world where anyone can walk the streets in safety and sanity is returned to our world and community.

With just a week left til Chanukah, we are very busy making baskets and shipping them out. Some of our new products this year are Marich chocolate covered blueberries and roasted edamame! Our Happy Chanukah chocolates are Pareve too. We have a new supplier for Chanukah cookies and boy are they delicious!

We have some new baskets too. Lots of our baskets are now metal and do not have handles, they make it easier to ship and fill. By the time we have finished putting all our goodies in them they look gorgeous!

If you have not had a chance to check out our new selection, you still have time. We are known for getting your purchases packaged and in the mail quickly; any orders you place now will still get to your friends and family in plenty of time for the holiday. With Chanukah coming out 10 days before Christmas, you have all those extra days to order gifts for business associates.

Log on to our Chanukah page and start finding the perfect gift!



Dreidels, menorahs, latkes, oh my!

With Thanksgiving just a few leftovers away, its time to start working on Chanukah. The warehouse is filling up with all the new merchandise, seasoned smoked salmon, flavored popcorn, caramels, Menorah cookies, to name just a few. We are excited about our new finds at both Kosherfest and the PLMA show.

Our Chanukah chocolates are Pareve this year and we also ordered alot of other new pareve chocolates. We are trying to be more inclusive, with some new Gluten Free products, like our Lovely caramels too. We have a whole new collection of Lindt chocolates that are Kof-K Dairy. Marich chocolate covered blueberries are on the way too! The hardest thing about this job is making sure I dont eat all the product!

Kosherbyte.com is working hard to get organized too. We just replaced our computer system and updated our programming. So give us a break as we learn to use Windows 8! .

Home from Kosherfest

Sorry for the long delay. Boy have I been busy. We were wildly inundated with order for Rosh Hashana and once we finally got all the paperwork squared away, it was time to get ready for Kosherfest.

Had a blast. I loved the chocolates in the shape of Hammentashen. How hilarious is that!! The Chanukah coins, touted as adult gelt, was also a hit. New for Passover, carrot cake flavored macaroons. I had hoped to find some new cookie manufacturers, but did not. Reismans came out with a new kind of chocolate chip cookie, with a thin layer of filling! My only regret, not enough coffee to go with all the cakes and pastries!

As always, I love the black and white cookies, Black and White Cookieshttps://www.kosherbyte.com/kosher-gift-baskets/pc/Black-White-Cookies-6-29p382.htm


Rosh Hashana in just 3 weeks!

nullIt seems to me that I was just getting used to writing 2014 on my checks and now it is almost time for Rosh Hashana. Time really does fly by. We have had a busy summer and have introduced some exciting new products. Lovely Candy Co Raspberry Fudgee Rolls., Wonderful Pistachios in sweet chili and salt and pepper flavors, to name just a few! We just ordered Pretzel Pete’s Honey Mustard pretzels which fit into the Rosh Hashana theme! Also on order, Wissotzky Tea Nana flavored sweet spice!. It is going to be a delicious fall season!