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Kosher Gift Baskets: Israeli Delivery

Kosher Gift Baskets to be Delivered in Israel

Not only do we ship our kosher gift baskets all over the US and Canada, but we also deliver beautiful gift baskets in Israel. We have an office in Jerusalem; your Israeli Gift basket is created using products produced in the Holy Land. Most baskets include wine. Using only Badatz, Pas Yisroel and Cholov Yisroel, our kosher gift baskets delivered in Israel meet the most stringent standards of Kashrus. Delivery is included in the price and we ship all over the country. Please include an Israeli telephone number for the delivery service.
For so many of us, the dream of living in Israel can be achieved. Aliyah from America is growing every year. With the current unrest in Europe, the numbers of people leaving their native countries and making new lives in Israel is exploding. And who does not have relatives living in Israel? Play a game of Jewish geography and you will find a connection to share.
Our Kosher gift baskets to be delivered in Israel offers you the opportunity to stay connected with friends and family that live on the other side of the world. It is the next best thing to being there!
Order your kosher Israeli gift baskets here and have them delivered there!. No need to ship overseas!!

NOTE: All prices in this section INCLUDE delivery anywhere in Israel.

Please allow extra time for delivery. Due to the difference in time zones, orders received are automatically delayed by at least a day.

For prompt delivery, we require an ISRAELI Telephone # for all residential orders. Without a Phone #, you may have to pay additional delivery charges!!
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Israel Gift Baskets