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Rosh Hashana Gift Baskets

Rosh Hashana Gift Baskets have all the apple and honey treats you crave

While we work hard to succeed at our careers, provide for our children, and save for our retirement, the moments we value above all else is spending quality time with our loved ones.
Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, helps remind us to focus on the core of our true existence. We are reminded of the importance of G-D in our lives. We attend synagogue or temple to evaluate our deeds from the past year and resolve to do better in the next one. We gather our family around the table to reconnect with those who are the most important in our lives. We remind ourselves that the reasons we work so hard have very little to do with money; its all about spending time with the ones we love. One way we express our appreciation for those that are so essential to our lives is in the sending of gifts of sweet honey and apple treats. Our Rosh Hashana baskets are filled with all kinds of holiday themed products like apple cookies, honey apple crunch snacks, gourmet flavored coffees, smoked salmon, sweet chili pistachios, to name just a few. Beautifully arranged in distinctive baskets, our Rosh Hashana baskets are not only a pleasure to eat but enjoyable to look at too. has so many gifts to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect expression of your feelings.

U.S & Canada ONLY
 Rosh Hashana is September 9 - 11

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Gift Basket Box Rosh Hashana